Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

 The Topic Of Today's Post Is About The Difference Between The Work Of An Engineer & A Contractor. Today I Would Like To Talk To You About An Important Topic, Which Is Often Discussed About The Work Of Engineers And Contractors. But It Was Also Important To Talk So That People Could Know The Dream And The Reality, And People Could Choose The Right Engineer And Contractor To Build Their Houses.

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

As A Building Designer, I Would Like To Give You Some Important Suggestions. Which Came Out In My 13 To 14 Years Of  Professional Field Experience.

The Main Purpose Of This Post Is Not To Make Anyone Inferior Or Ignorant, But To Enlighten The Truth. So That The Future Youth Can Keep These Things In Mind While Working In The Field And Focus On Doing Better Work. And Be Able To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong.


Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor


After Reading This Post, I Hope That The Confusion In People's Minds Will Also Be Easily Resolved And House Owners Will Also Be Educated In This Field. And When Handing Over The Work To Any Contractor Or Engineer, They Can Settle All Matters In A Better Way And Bring The Matter To Completion Like A Respectable Citizen In All The Small And Big Constructions Of The House In The Near Future.

Here, First I Will Discuss The Engineer's And Contractor's Education And Experience And Then Give My Opinion On Their Work. After That, I Will Give Some Important Advice To The Owners Of The Building Or Projects Which They Have To Apply During The Work So That Their Building Works Can Also Be Completed Well And Their Relationship With The Contractor Or Engineer Is Not Damaged.


General Concept About

Engineers  VS  Contractor

Engineers Are Generally Considered To Be Degree Holders, So They Know All The Ins And Outs Of Projects And Have The Ability To Solve All These Problems In A Better Way.

On The Other Hand, The Contractor Is An Uneducated Person And He Starts His Work Only After Working In The Field For Some Time And Gaining A Little Experience, And If Any Subtle Problems Come Up, He Quickly Tackles The Work. He Saves His Life And Because Of This, The Property Has To Bear A Lot Of Loss, Due To Which People Are Afraid When They Hire A Contractor That They Will Spoil The Work And Put All The Money In Their Pocket And Never Turn Around Again. Such Feedback And Complaints Are Often Heard. How True Is It?

We Will Give You A Brief Analysis In Just A Few Lines So That You Can Understand The Difference Between The Two.

Engineers & Their Knowledge:

Talking About Engineers, There Is No Doubt That An Engineer Is A Degree Holder Person Who Theoretically Knows A Lot Of Intricacies Of Projects Which Many Contractors Do Not. Apart From This, The Details Of Many Projects In Their 5-Year Syllabus Are Regularly Scrutinized To Avoid Any Big Surprises In The Future.

But Unfortunately The Fact Cannot Be Denied That Mostly All This Knowledge Is Fine Up To Book Extent But Many Times Many Things Cannot Be Applied On Site Work. Because Most Of The Times The Demand Of Work On Site Is Different Which Can Be Solved By Some Technique On Site Itself.

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

Professional Engineers:

If We Talk About Professional Engineers, There Is No Doubt That If The World Map Has Changed In The Construction Field Today, Then The Credit Goes To The Professional Engineers Who Made Their Field A Profession And Their Field Along With It. The Attachment Can Be Gauged By Looking At Their Successful Projects.

Whether The Projects Consist Of High-Rise Buildings Or Mega Structures. The Expertise Of These Professional Engineers And The Projects Completed Under Their Supervision Are A Testament To Their Success. These Are The Professional Engineers. Who Had Joined The Practical Field During His University Education To Acquire Basic Field Experience And This Passion Helped Him To Become A Successful Professional Engineer.

And Many Engineers Started Their Own Construction Companies Within A Short Period Of Time And Made A Respectable Livelihood And Paved The Way For Many Others To Earn A Living.

The Work Of Professional Engineers Is Done According To The Drawing, Due To Which The Accuracy Of The Work Is 99%. No Matter How Difficult The Project Is. Professional Engineers Have The Ability To Understand Their Responsibilities And Complete Them With Full Attention. Regular License Is Issued By The Government After The Test. Due To Which They Are Also Allowed To Work On Government Projects.

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor
Only Degree Holder Engineers:

If We Talk About Degree Holder Engineers, It Is Also A Pity That Most Of The Engineers Focus On Their Field In College And Universities, But They Do Not Prove To Be So Professional In The Professional Field. Many Engineers Are Educated In Book Sense But In Practical Field They Often Prove To Be Completely Incapable Of Doing The Work. The Main Reason For This Is That They Do Not Have Much Site Work Experience. Or They Consider Only The Degree As A Source Of Livelihood And Do Not Give Much Importance To The Field Work. As A Result, Even After Getting The Degree, They Remain Idle And Cannot Get A Job. Because They Did Not Make Their Field A Profession And Even While Doing The Degree, They Did Not Pay Much Attention To The Field Work.

And Finally They Either Change Their Field Or Start A Job In The Same Field With A Low Salary. And The New Students Who Come In This Field Spend Their Life Complaining About This Field. And At The Same Time, They Keep Badmouthing Their Field In Order To Comfort Their Hearts And Cover Up Their Shortcomings.

Contractors  &  Their Knowledge:

If We Talk About The Construction Field, The Contractor Is Considered As The Father Of A Construction Field. Projects Be It A Domestic Building Or A Commercial Building. All The Responsibilities Of Its Construction Are On A Contractor.

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

If Their Academic Qualifications Are Considered, They Are Usually Bookish Under Metric Or Up To Grade 12 Is Studied Only, But Some Of The Also Have Graduate Degrees. Most Of Their Focus Is On Practical Knowledge Rather Than Education. Some Of Them Are Completely Illiterate. But Have A Lot Of Work Experience In The Field. And Often Have A Distinct Identity In The Construction Of Houses. Rather Than Their Cursive Writing, Their Knowledge Of Verbal Constructions Proves To Be Quite Accurate.

General Contractors:

Contractors Who Let People Down On The Job Are Inexperienced Contractors And Not Professional Contractors. Once Such A Contractor Gets The Contract, The Home Owner Continues To Suffer Until The Work Is Completed. They Usually Work At A Lower Rate Than The Market Rate. Due To Which The House Owners Are Also Tempted And In The Process Of Saving, Talk To Them About The Construction Of The House. But Such Semi-Wise Contractors Make The House Owner Spend So Much Till The Work Is Completed And They Cannot Bring Such Cleanliness In The Work. The Kind Of Dialogues They Speak To The Landlord Before Taking The Job. Because Of Such Contractors, People Are Afraid Of Getting Work From Contractors.

Professional Contractors:

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

Now If We Talk About Professional Contractors. So They Are So Skilled In Their Work That One Is Amazed To See The Accuracy Of Their Work. Professional Contractors Are Also Capable Of Working With Regular Drains. Such Contractors Have Excellent Field Experience. Unlike Professional Engineers, They Are Accustomed To Working With Their Hands In The Field From A Very Young Age. And They Also Have Very Smart Contractors Who Have A Lot Of Experience In Drying. The Work Rates Of Such Contractors Are Also Quite Expensive Like That Of An Engineer. Because Their Work Is Also Professional Like The Work Of Engineers. That Is Why It Is Not Enough For Any Degree Holder To Beat Them In The Field.

Most Of These Contractors Have Formed Their Own Construction Companies And Employ Engineers. And Pay Good Salaries To These Engineers. Their Professionalism Can Be Estimated From These Things.

Final Conclusions & Perspectives

If The Experience Of All Field Professionals, Engineers And Contractors Is Put Forward, We Come To This Conclusion. That If The Work Involves The Construction Of A House, The Rates Should Be Checked Whether The Rates Of Professional Engineers Or Professional Contractors Are Better. Both Are Experts In Their Work. Both Are Capable Of Working On Drawings.

Another Thing That Has Been Experienced Is That Many Professional Engineers Tend To Exaggerate Their Work And Often Try To Prove It By Making Unnecessary Mistakes In The Work Of Professional Contractors. We Are Highly Skilled Because We Are Degree Holders. But Perhaps These Engineers Forget That At The Time These Degree Holders Are Taking The Test For Degree Admission In The College. At That Time, These Contractors Were Working On Their Projects In The Field. They Are Certified In Field Work.

Therefore, All Engineers And Contractors Are Requested To Appreciate Each Other's Good Work And Overlook Any Mistakes. Solve It Together. Because Sometimes Big

 Owners Outsource Their Major Projects To Professional Contractors And Hire Professional Engineers For Supervision. So That The Work Is Completed Under The Supervision Of An Experienced Team. Because Both Have The Status Of Pillars In Professional Fields.

Tips For Project Owners

Comparison Between Engineer & Contractor Work | Who is Better - Engineer or Contractor | Engineer VS Contractor

Finally, I Would Like To Make A Few Suggestions To The Project Owners.

1- Before Hiring Any Contractor Or Engineer, Check Their Previous Work. Visit Some Of The Projects Yourself To Gauge The Quality Of Work. This Will Also Make It Easier For The Owners To Set The Quota. And They Will Also Have An Idea Before Giving Their Work. That The Final Form Of The Project Will Be Visible Upon Completion Of The Work.

2- While Making The Contract, All The Matters Should Be Recorded In Book Form To Avoid Any Kind Of Dispute Later.

3- If Possible, The Owners Should Provide The Building Materials Themselves. And Supervise The Work Yourself. Or Have A Professional Engineer Do The Monitoring. So That There Is No Negligence In The Work. And Material Wastage Can Also Be Avoided.


I Hope That If All These Requests Are Followed. So Many Constructive Matters Will Be Completed In A Good Way.


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